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Student Requirements (from 2007) - S. Adams

Telecommunications Roadkill Project – INDIVIDUAL Requirements 2007

Individual Requirements: #1, #2 must be completed first.
Rye/New Castle Study

1. Individual predictions for Rye and New Castle. This is a separate worksheet (RDKL-1).
2. Hypothesis - Choose one variable to study and to build a hypothesis about Rye and New Castle’s roadkill. You may study previous year's data also. Check the list of variables to make your choice. Complete RDKL –2 worksheet.

3. A roadkill table for Rye/New Castle must be filled out for each week of the project. This is to be turned in with a grand total of all animals killed by motor vehicles. (Do not include animals that had zero for a count for the whole time period.) A template is available for this or you can create a spreadsheet for this.

4. A graph for Rye/New Castle’s roadkill. You may choose a graph showing the total killed each week or the total of each animal killed. Make sure the graph has all the appropriate headings and labels.

5. Testing your hypothesis (from #2). Create a table of the data that supports your hypothesis. (You can decide which information needs to be included to best reflect your data. Don't forget labels and title.) Create a graph that best summarizes your data. Include a brief summary about the graph with it; why did you choose that type of graph? What does it show? If you are not sure, what other information do you need? Why do you think it turned out the way it did?

6. Analysis of your hypothesis (from #2). This should be a narrative. Remember paragraphs for main ideas. You will begin this with the teacher. Make sure to include the following information:
Restate your hypothesis.
What effect did the variable have on roadkill this year? Was it what you expected? Explain why this effect happened as best you can.
What other variables (factors) affected your hypothesis that may be related? Explain.
What would you predict for next year? If it depends, state what variables you would examine instead or in addition. What other information would you need to re-examine or redo your predictions for next year? Explain.

7. You will research three animals that may have been recorded as roadkill during the project. Some belong in New England and others may not. Gather your information so it may be used by others to help identify these animals. Your final project will be a page in a field book. (poster size).

Essential Questions
You have been given 3 questions from your teacher. You will need to come up with a minimum of 7 other essential questions to research.
For example:
- What information helps you to identify different animals?
- What other information would be helpful to know if you were learning about an animal for the first time?
- How is this animal beneficial to humans?

1. Use a minimum of 1 book and 1 website. All work must be cited.
2. 6 glossary words need to be recorded.
3. Notefacts will be collected with your final product.
4. Your final product will be checked for spelling, grammar, neatness and attractiveness.
5. Your final product will be useful for others to use to help identify animals.

∑ Decide on an animal – use the list provided.