Roadkill Variables

Students can hypothesize and research a variable about roadkill.

Level 1 variables

Level 2 variables
  • Moon phase
  • Day of the week
  • Weekday vs. weekend
  • Week #
  • day or night (data will not support this one)
  • Environment
    • what's on the side of the road? [This can only be done if your class keeps track of this.]
    • actual road - if you keep track of this.
  • Type of animal killed
    • nocturnal/diurnal
    • size (students will have to choose a standard for measuring, ie small is < or equal to 8 inches, large is greater than 8 inches.)
    • scavenger or predator
    • carnivore/herbivore/omnivore
    • domestic/feral
    • endangered?
  • Daylight saving
  • Road type

Some of these are hard to determine, but can be modified. We keep track of our weather and look at the data on the day the roadkill was found. Discuss the possible errors with this.

  • Weather
    • rain/ no rain
    • cloudy/sunny
    • temperature
      • determine what is the cut off for cold or warm.
  • Choose one variable for over the years. (We have data on our website.)
  • Compare 2 variables.
  • Compare towns.

New in 2008!
- Price of gasoline!