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Roadkill Ideas for Integration Across the Curriculum

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I. Animals
A. Tracks
B. misinformation about animals
C. animal use and ethics
D. shifting populations
E. video- behaving badly
F. identification
II. field trips
A. Wolf Hollow
C. Odiorne; UFC
III. Diseases
A. impacts on humans
IV. benefits to humans
V. biodiversity
VI. Statistics
A. Our towns
B. NH; other states
C. year to year
VII. Variables hypothesis, testing
VIII. environmental changes
IX. local issues, current events
A. open space
X. public lands
XI. guest speakers
A. turtle guy
B. Dr. Splatt
C. Odiorne Point
D. animal rehab
XII. literature
A. animal fiction
B. poetry
C. naturalist essays
XIII. seasonal markers
XIV. food
A. roadkill cafe